Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Old House

Daddy has lived on the same 15 acres his entire life.  The land belonged to his father, his father's father, and his father's father's father.  

This is from inside the house Pawpaw and his 7 brothers and sisters grew up in, the Old House. It still stands across the road from my parents place.

The house is still standing--held up by surrounding trees and vines.

Pawpaw's brothers and sisters decided to leave the house exactly the way it was when their parents passed away. They even left the quilts on the bed, home-canned food in the corner, and a hair barrette on the night stand.

They did eventually get electricity to the house, but Great Grandpa was afraid of electricity and would not allow any light to be on after dark.

I think I may attempt removing the doors and 'refurbish' them...
What a great piece of family history that could be for our house one day.

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  1. Wow, what a cool old place. I'm sure there is lot there that could be saved! Love the door

  2. How cool to go back and visit! The last time I saw my mom's house, it had 2 feet of grass growing on the roof and was barely standing. It looked like it was made out of sticks, soooo old but very cool. Hope you get lots of keepsakes from this one!


  3. Okay, that wasn't enough of the story. You have me so intrigued to hear more. I can't believe they just left things the way they were. How cool for you.

    Partying with you tonight at Donna's. Stop by if you have a minute.