Cast of Characters

This is Becky.

This is what she studies.

Becky is the wife of Mr Zeagler, student of chiropractic and ambitious blogger.

Likes: Mr Zeagler, Grandma's greasy rice, Beaux, Mr Z's chocolate chip cookies, air conditioning, hard wood floors, General Tso chicken, Belah
Dislikes: humidity, English peas, smell of cabbage cooking, getting stuck in traffic

This is Mr Zeagler.

This is what he does.

Mr Z is husband of Becky, massage therapist, and restaurant enthusiast.

Likes: Becky, Beaux, TV, lounging pants, reading, cologne, music artists that are virtually unknown by others
Dislikes: rude people, stinky people, bossy people, lazy people, moronic people

This is Beaux.

This is what he does.

And this.

And this.

Beaux is the dog of Becky and Mr Z.

Likes: balls, treats, naps, rawhides, and the PARK
Dislikes: heartworm medicine, noises when he's trying to sleep, moving when he's trying to sleep, cats, hot weather, cold weather, wind

This is Daddy.

This is what he fixes.

And this.

And this.

And this.

Daddy is the husband of Momma, father of Becky and two sons, and mechanic.
Likes: Momma, things that work, guns, ammunition
Dislikes: things that do not work

This is Momma.

This is what she loves.

And this.

Momma is the wife of Daddy, mother of Becky and two sons, keeper of basset hound and chickens.

Likes: Daddy, baby chicks, a clean house
Dislikes: unnecessary drama

This is Poochy.

This is what he does. (Hunt for mice)

And this.

It's bath time

Poochy is the dog (well one of) of Momma and Daddy.

Likes: treats, chasing squirrels, hunting mice, napping, being scratched
Dislikes: squirrels, sounds of guns, any strange noises (i.e. cleaning the heater pipe, someone walking on the roof), the attic ladder, baths

This is Molly.

This is how cute she is.

Molly is the basset hound of Momma.

Likes: kids, digging, badgering Beaux, mud
Dislikes: not getting attention

This is Big Mawmaw.

This is what she loved to do.

Likes: painting, jig-saw puzzles, playing cards, anything artsy
Dislikes: having to do real life things when there is art to be created

(note: more characters to come as they are included in the blog)