Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hi guys, this is Beaux.
I have stolen Becky's computer to send out an urgent message.
They have kidnapped me and taken me across state lines.
This has happened before, but this time is different.
Much different.
ALL of our stuff is here.

I don't think they want to go back to the 'Dena.

I knew something was going on when they kept bringing in all the boxes.

Then they brought this home.

They called in reinforcements.

Then our apartment looked like this.

I was afraid they were going to leave me, so I stayed close to the doorway and under their feet.

But then they made this awesome pallet and I thought we were just going to be minimalists.

I was sorely mistaken.

They brought me to The Little House in so-called 'God's country'.

Ok, I like The Little House, but it's a vacation place. It's in the middle of no-where.
And since we got here, it's been no vacation.
Work, work, work.

And all I ever hear is 'Beaux! Don't do that.', 'Beaux! Get out of the road!', 'Beaux! Don't eat that!', 'Beaux! Don't you go to up to Momma's house!' Beaux, Beaux, Beaux...

It's taken me so long to make this cry for help because we haven't had internet or any contact with the outside world.

So, if someone can find this God-forsaken place, please come get me and take me back to the civilization!



  1. Hi Beaux,
    You can come up to "Momma's" house anytime you want to.

  2. Poor little Beaux. He is growing into being a good little country dog.