Sunday, July 11, 2010


My Pawpaw

He never complained, he never griped
He just went on with his daily life.
And always rated the pain as a 5.

He served his family, his country, and he served his God.
Old friends, he never forgot.

He would tell of people he had seen and people he had known
Many of these have already passed on.

He had so many stories and comments to share,
But if you didn't listen closely, you wouldn't know they were there.

If Mawmaw was away and we came to see,
He's sit at the table and make us sandwiches of bologna.

A simple life is the one he led.
He checked out books from the library and put his initials in the ones he read.

The work he asked of us was not hard.
Our payment was water and juicy fruit when we mowed his yard.

His fight with sickness was too long.
His body was weak, but his heart was strong.
Now, thank God, that body is gone.

-Becky Zeagler, May 14, 2005

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