Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Glamorous Life of a Doctor

People have been asking me, "So what does it feel like now that your a doctor?".
To tell the truth, I don't feel much different.
Except maybe a little more stressed.

The best laid plans don't usually happen.
You know that, right?

2 days before graduation I took my Louisiana board exam.
The test wasn't that difficult.
They said it took about 7 days to grade them and if I paid my money ahead of time, they could issue my license that same day.
The doctor I had been doing a preceptorship with was going on vacation for 3 weeks.
He was leaving 1 week after graduation.
Timing, it seemed to all fall into place.
Everyday I have checked the mail.
I have called the Board so much I think they may be screening my calls.

This entire week I have had to turn patients away.
I hate that.
Today, I stayed home a little longer on my lunch break waiting for "Mr. Mailbox".
[Little side note, Mr. Z worked for the US postal service for a little while. At a couple of apartment complexes kids would run after him calling "Mr. Mailbox! Mr. Mailbox!". So now, everytime we see a postal delivery guy we call him Mr. Mailbox. You have been enlightened.]

So I waited for Mr. Mailbox.
When he came down the hill, he headed straight for The Little House!
I could barely contain my excitement!
He gave me a large envelope with some what felt like a binder inside and 2 small envelopes all from the State Board.

I was already going through the mental note of the patients I needed to call so I could see them this afternoon.

I don't know if other people are like me, but for some reason, I have to open the less important stuff first. Maybe it comes from childhood--"eat all your vegetables before you eat your cake".
I don't know. But at that moment I was frustrated because I knew I needed had to open the smaller letters first.

I opened the first letter.
Congratulations! You've passed the board exam. Once you pay $XXX we can issue your license. Stapled to it was a disclaimer: If you paid the license fee at the time of the exam, please disreguard this letter.

The next letter.
Thank you for paying for your license. It will be mailed separately certified mail. Your official law book will also be mailed separately.
Hmm... Official law books probably come in a binder...

So I got everything except the one thing I needed pronto.

Called the Board. I believe they were still at lunch and not screening my call. Had to wait. Called back at 2.
Yes, we have received everything and your license is in the mail. ... Yes, we mailed it out on the same day as the other. ... I don't know why you received the other before your license. ... No, I can not give you your license number over the phone. ... No, you may not see patients until you actually get your physical license. .. No, I will not accept bribes.
(Just kidding on that last part. ...Maybe...)
Yes, I can give you the tracking number.

Ok, I got the tracking number, went back to the office and as I was coming through the back door the phone was ringing. I ran to answer it. After the phone call I realized I had forgotten the tracking number in the car.
I went to get it.
And closed the back door behind me.
I spun around as I heard it latch.
I stared at it.
I tried to turn the knob. I tried to pull.
Nope. Locked.
I tried again.
Still locked.
I ran to the front door, knowing it was locked, too. I thought just maybe I had forgotten to lock it when I left to go to lunch. That wouldn't have been good, but at the moment it would have been fantastic.
Nope. Responsible me locked it.

My phone, my purse, everything except my car keys were inside. Including the number to the only other person in the country who has a key.

I got in my car, thankful that I had my keys and drove to Mitch's to get a Blue Bell cookies and cream waffle cone.
I found the number to a relative of the only other person who has a key. She laughed at me and gave me the number. Since I was eating Blue Bell, I didn't mind that she laughed.
She was working at another job, but she had the key with her.

Ok, just drive without getting stopped.
As I was leaving Mitch's there was a police officer at the counter placing an order. I had to avoid eye contact.
I made it there safe and without a traffic violation. Which is good because I don't know if Mitch's would have had enough Blue Bell.

I finally checked the tracking number and it doesn't work. It only shows when it is delivered.

If God is willing and the creek don't rise, I will be licensed and working my booty off tomorrow.
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to annouce I am almost a licensed doctor and use 'booty' in the same sentence.
Maybe they have something about that in the official law book I got today.

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