Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Biography

I have applied to get my bachelor's degree.
I have completed all the coursework, but I need to send them a check and my biography.
I have been putting this off because I didn't know what to write.
Finally I sat down and bit the bullet.

I am Rebecca Zeagler. I was born to a mechanic and a housewife home-maker (edited per request of said home-maker) in Louisiana. Together, they gave me a happy and stable home. My father gave me my sense of understanding of the mechanical inner workings of almost anything, including the human body’s biomechanics. He also gave me an ability to appreciate subtle humor and the courage to never give up. My mother has given me perspective, the desire to laugh, and the ability to not dwell on unimportant things in life. She has also guided me and shown me truth as well as making me capable of standing on that truth. My older brother gave me my name and the encouragement to live up to that name. My younger brother gave me responsibility and independence. My paternal great grandmother gave me some of her creativity with the encouragement to use it. She also gave me motivation to never stop learning and to never be afraid of new things. My paternal grandfather gave me the ability to be content with what I have and the desire to never lose my way home. My paternal grandmother gave me the ability to think unconventionally and to laugh at my own shortcomings. My maternal grandfather gave me the capability to command attention when need be and the strong will needed to enforce it. My maternal grandmother gave me the desire to always perform a task as if I were doing it for the glory of the Lord and to know the value of family. My husband gave me the will to put someone else’s needs above mine and the encouragement to see my goals through to completion. My aunts and uncles have given me the vision to see that something that may seem imperfect is actually all together perfect.
My plans are to become licensed in Louisiana to practice chiropractic. I plan to practice in my hometown so I can give back to those people who have guided me along the way.


  1. And you, Rebecca Zeagler, have given us more joy than we can contain. I love you.
    Love, Momma

  2. I have to agree - you are nothing but joy my sweet.

  3. So this is how your dating profile would read: mechanical, sense of humor, stick to itiveness, don't dwell on things, truthful, independent, responsible, creative, love learning new things, content, unconventional, laugh @ my shortcomings, command attentin, strong willed, give the glory to God, value family, finish what I start, and have vision. Not bad. (Kinda summed it up!) Guess who!