Friday, August 5, 2011

Rocking Chair

Momma and Daddy bought us rocking chairs for our birthdays this year.

They came 'in the raw'.

I decided that it would be best to give them a distressed/old look instead of trying to do them perfect.
There are just too many small nooks and crannies.

As you can tell, I've only gotten one done.
It's so very hot around here.

I started by staining it a dark walnut.
Brush on and wipe off after a few minutes.

Then I realized the stain doesn't come off your hands, arms, and elbows with soap and water.
It said something about 'mineral spirits' well I had no clue what that was. Come to find out, it's paint thinner. However, hand-cleaner gets it right off.

Then I poured a little paint in some plates. A little white, a little country white, a little turquoise.

I used the turquoise from this box of kids paint.

I took my Purdy brush and barely tapped it into the turquoise paint and lightly and randomly brushed it on a couple places.
I went to work haphazardly painting with white and off white.
I barely had any paint on the brush at any given time.

I tried to imagine which areas would naturally been 'worn' more and tried to go lighter in those areas.

I believe I may do the other chair a little different. But it will have to wait for cooler weather.

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  1. Becky, the chair turned out beautifully! What a special touch you have!