Friday, September 2, 2011

The Kitchen - After

The kitchen has been a total transformation from start to finish.
What I remember most about working on the kitchen initially was 'What have I done?'
Once I started taking the many layers of contact paper off the walls, part of me just wanted to get a hot glue gun and put it back.
Then, Spackle saved everything.

I don't think we will ever be done with the kitchen exactly.
Small changes, a little at a time.

Now, this is what the kitchen looks like.

Well, sort of, exactly at this moment the top of the table is cluttered with junk, there are dishes that need to be put up, a skillet with grease in it needs to be dumped and washed. But at just this moment I have my back to the kitchen, so the mess doesn't exist.

Did you see the hunky new refrigerator?

That was more of a necessary buy instead of a luxury purchase.
The weekend we were at the food show, our frig decided to give out.
But I'm secretly happy it did.
It has so much more room and came all nice and clean!

I really didn't want to put anything in it.

So, just a peek of how far the kitchen has come.

Contact paper removal.

Newly 'sticky tiled' counter top with painted cabinets and trim.

Re-painted cabinets and trim

Move in

New floor, new refrigerator, new shelves in the back corner (courtesy of Mr. Z)

We have some plans for the sink unit and the bare space above the stove.


  1. It has come a LONG way. I am secretly glad the fridge died too... Love you

  2. Love it Becky. I can see eating some tacos with some really good Picante sauce at that table!