Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom. This was my favorite transformation. Mr Z (with Daddy and his daddy's help) accomplished this great feat. I love it.

We already removed the old faucet and are going to remove the whole panel.

This medicine cabinet was possibly the sturdiest thing in the house. It was hard-wired into the electrical system. If the whole house had collapsed, the medicine cabinet would have still been intact.

More contact paper. I think Mr Z counted 5 layers.
Faux marble.

More sticky tiles. Lots of them were held up by scotch tape. If you look closely you can see a line of tape on the seam below the medicine cabinet.

So some of the contact paper refused to let go of some of the linoleum. So it all came up. It needed to anyway. We would love to strip the wood and restore it, but I don't think the structural integrity of the floor could be preserved and we would end up with an out-house instead.

Since spackle had done wonders in every other room, surely we would have no problem here. Wrong. This wall was of a completely different species entirely. The spackle tool could not smooth it out. So Mr Z ended up just using his hands. So the walls are not exactly flat and smooth, but it added more character! ...Like this house needed any more.

New piece of splash board!

We have a mirror to put up, but it didn't really cooperate. We will fix it later.

The forever uneven cabinets. Appearantly the house has done a lot of settling over the years so none of the cabinets close flush or stay closed.

Mr. Z's love for caulk is rivaled only by my love of spackle

From this...

To this...

This is not a new tube. Wet sandpaper and CLR. Amazing.

And from...

To this...

And this...

To this.

And this...


And as far as I know, Daddy is still trying to fix the leak in the toilet tank.

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  1. I think Daddy has put that on hold for now.


  2. Hahaha! That's quite alright! What good is a working toilet if no one is there to enjoy it. LOL! Love you Momma

  3. Wow, what a huge transformation! I can't wait to see everything (mirror, etc), but you guys have done so much work. I applaud your efforts! What a great job!!!

  4. It looks TONS better! It looks like a lot of work, but you're going to end up with a nice bathroom.