Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Extra Bedroom Makeover

The extra bedroom was used for storage of Mawmaw and Pawpaw's stuff that we didn't have time to sort through when Mr Z lived there. All you could do was simply open the door. Nothing else. It was slammed pack with stuff. The week before we came in to work on the house, Momma and Daddy cleaned it out. They did an amazing job! Sadly, I don't have before and after pictures of that.

Here is what the room looked like when we started working on it, except where the piece of new dry-wall is, was a huge hole with a crack that almost reached the ceiling. Mr Z's daddy replaced it for us. He was there for a grand total of about 10 minutes and when he left, we had a piece of new dry wall, perfectly fitted plywood for the floors in one of the closets, and another piece for the bottom of the cabinet in the the sink unit.

Yellow walls and mauve mini-blinds...

Don't worry, this hole will be covered up too. For now, it has a 1x4 covering it, but when we move back we are going to tackle the base-boards in all the rooms.

While Momma and Daddy were cleaning out the room, Poochy became very fascinated with this chest of drawers. There was a dead mouse inside. They removed the mouse and cleaned the whole thing, but he still would not leave it alone. Everytime he came in the room, he went straight for it. Wagging his tail and whining.

While we were cleaning and priming, a bug came in the window. It buzzed around and Momma said "Oh, a good news bee, it's bringing some good news". Then we all went back to work, disregarding the good news bee. Poochy never even looked up, he was on a mission. All of a sudden, Poochy yelped and took off out of the house. Momma said that 'good news bee', flew down and popped Poochy right on his back. I looked out the window and Poochy was almost back up to Momma's and Beaux was in the road watching him like "Dude, what happened?" His response - "Good news bee my butt!" Turns out, it was not a good news bee at all.
(Note: Poochy is fine, he came back over about an hour later)


Mawmaw was an artist and she lefted her mark on just about everything.

We decided to paint over it, but we have a picture of it. We had to come to the realization that we can't preserve or keep EVERYTHING Mawmaw and Big Mawmaw drew on, painted, or wrote on the back who had gifted the item.


New mini-blinds do wonders!

I have big plans for these shelves. Let's just hope they will hold.

From this...

To this!

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  1. It's looking beautiful! Excellent work! :)