Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bedroom Makeover

So our bedroom didn't have to have too much work. We had painted it when Mr Z moved in a few years ago. Momma picked out a great khaki color then, but we decided that everything needed a change.

Also, the first time we painted, we didn't bother with spackle. I couldn't let that happen again with my new affection for spackle!
(Please disregard the messy bed, we didn't have any place to move it to at the time and used it as a step ladder to reach the high parts of the walls.)

Um... This is the huge hole in the bedroom. You can see the ground. However, it makes great access to the faucet and plumbing for the bathroom. This was Daddy's project. Well, one of.

This is the little one above the big one.


New paint color.
(By the way, there are about 10 plug-ins in this room, but only 4 work.)

(Notice in the corner, the hole is covered.)

The floor. The sad floor. We don't want to put too much money into the house, so the floor will stay. We are planning on putting a big area rug down. So much easier than new flooring!

And the bed takes up most of the room, so you can't see most of the floor anyway.

Covered hole. Can barely tell it was ever there.



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