Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sink Unit

The kitchen at The Little House is beginning to look better than it ever has.

You know how when you make an improvement to one part of something, suddenly the other part that you thought was perfectly fine, doesn't seem to be so fine anymore?
The sink unit, we believe is vital to the structural integrity of the house, so it is not going any where.
But if I have to look at it, I would rather not mind looking at it.
Now, the sink part actually doesn't look too bad. The color is not my favorite, but it part of its DNA. So the color has held up and it hasn't stained.
The cabinet and drawer part is metal and hasn't held us as well. 
I thought I could clean it up with an SOS pad and maybe it would look better.
I thought I could get rid of those blackish areas and at least it would be uniform in color.
As I began to scrub, I noticed the suds were not white or even blue, they were rust orange.
No... It can't be. Oh, yes. Those black places are not dirt build-up, they are the metal underneath.
Even just dawn on a sponge starts to take the paint off.

Hmm.... now aren't we in a dilemma? Wouldn't it be such a shame if the next time I cleaned it, more and more of the paint came off and it looked so bad that we had to repaint it?
Oh no, what shall I do?

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  1. We could SOS the whole thing - at least it would all be the same color.