Monday, December 6, 2010

Not So Smartphone

About 2 weeks ago, we finally moved up in the world.
The technological world that is.
We got smartphones.

Since then, we have been trying to get them to stop notifying us of everything.
I'm surprised it hasn't beeped to tell me I have to pee.

Now neither one of us has ever had a phone that could do much more than make a call. And that was only when it felt like it.

With our new phones we can:
  • Check our email
  • Find directions to anywhere
  • Find restaurants
  • Find good bathrooms
  • Locate astrological constellations
  • Take 5 megapixal pictures
  • Browse the internet
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Scan barcodes and find the best prices
And those are just the things I've learned in the past few weeks.
Almost every day one of us says to the other "Hey, did you know you could ____"

We are still trying to figure out how to make a call.
Just kidding.
We figured that out within the first 24 hours after we got them.

Now there is a feature where we can talk into our phones and it writes it in a text.
I wanted to send my aunt a text to tell her that I smelled like boudin.
Ok, maybe you need the backstory on that. I don't just send random texts textes text messages to my aunt to tell her what I smell like.
There is a convenience store, Chadeaux's, we usually stop at on the way home. They makes their own sausage, boudin, cracklins, and who knows what else. It is all amazing.  Once you go in the store, you smell like boudin for the rest of the day. Even the bathroom soap has soaked up the smell.
We told Aunt N and Uncle B about it when they came out to visit.  She sent me a text that said "We smell like boudin now" when they stopped there on their way home.
So, on my last trip home, I was going to send her a text. So I got my phone out, hit the microphone button and said " I - smell - like - boudin".
It 'thought' about that for a while and finally came up with "I have love to dance".

I guess they need a "southern talk" app.

PS: I was just about to hit "publish" when Mr. Z asked if I knew you can type a text by dragging your finger across the screen instead of pecking at the letters.

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