Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pick our tile!

So, after looking at the pictures, Mr. Z and I can't decide which vinyl tile we like better. So, I thought we might ask for your opinion.

Which ever one we choose will be going in our bedroom and the extra bedroom in the Little House.


Extra Bedroom:

We have narrowed it down to:

 Armstrong Terraza Warm Chestnut
Here is a picture we took in the store

The Warm Chestnut is duller with more of a brown tone. It also has more texture.

Cryntel Impressions Chalet
(This pictures looks more red than it was in person)

The Chalet is shinier and has a more yellow tone to it.

There isn't that much of a price difference between the two, so that's not a big deal. 

Let me know which one like! We are also open to other suggestions!
Can't wait to hear which one you like.

(Disclaimer: For the record, faux wood vinyl tiles are not my first choice for flooring. However, we don't want to spend much money or do too much work.)


  1. Both remind me of a Log Cabin quilt, the pattern is very similar. I like the warm chestnut the best.


  2. Finally - decision made!

  3. Valentina went with me to Lowe's today and liked the Chalet better.

  4. Ok, so I know it's 2 months later, but.... I agree with your momma! I like the warm chestnut best too. They are both pretty though! :)