Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Sunday after church we took a trip to Ikea.

We were looking for this
You can find it here

It is small and unfinished but solid pine except the back and bottoms of the drawers. We had been looking for matching night stands for a long time that wouldn't cost over $400 for the pair. These puppies are ... are you ready for it?


I want to paint them, well, white. What other color do you paint something like this? I also want to add new hardware. I just found out about Hobby Lobby's knobs. I hear Hob Lob has great knobs. And every 3rd or 4th week they are half off!
Thanks Mandie!

This is what Ikea did with the display

There was some sort of beeswax varnish next to it, so I'm assuming that's what they used.

So there's no way you can go to Ikea without looking around. Mostly because of the way they designed the store, you have to walk through just about everything to get to what you want to look at and then continue through the rest of the store to the warehouse portion. We didn't mind much.

And we found these

They have adhesive strips on the back and you just peal and stick.
I think we are going to use them as our bathroom mirror in The Little House because finding a stud (with exclusion of Mr. Z himself, heh heh) is virtually impossible.

You can browse for hours in this place

And I think I have designed our kitchen

This back-splash...

With this sink...

Or maybe this sink...

And this sprayer...

And these countertops...

With these cabinets and stove..

(Minus the mid-area rolls...hey, a girl can dream, right?)

With this pantry (add an antique door)...

Great, right?

So after this long dream shopping excursion we were starving! So the only thing left to do was go here and work on our mid-area rolls.

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