Sunday, September 12, 2010

Therapeutic shopping

So, I spent about 19 hours this weekend taking National Board Exams. After a long tedious weekend, I was in need of some therapy. Probably psycho-therapy, but I chose home decor/improvement shopping as my drug. 

We loaded up and went to Lowe's to browse. 
I am toying with the idea of redoing the floor in the master bedroom (heh!) and the extra bedroom. We had planned on using area rugs to cover up the sad floor, but whoa they are a pretty penny.
So, we really don't want to put too much money into The Little House because it is not supposed to be very permanent. On the other hand, it will be our home and I want it to feel like home.

I found this online last week (on a break from studying)

At $0.48 a square foot, sounds like it fits the bill.

We found it at Lowe's and after careful inspection, decided it might not be tough enough to handle The Little House.

We did find this for $0.88

I usually don't care for this style/design of faux wood, but for a cheap fix, it's growing on me.

However it may be a little too yellowy.

We also found this for $0.92

This one is a little darker and I think will look quite nice.
It's Armstrong Terraza Warm Chestnut.

I'm still not sure how it will turn out. The house is no longer square (assuming it ever really was) and the floor is not exactly flat. Oh, but wouldn't it be so boring if everything was straight and smooth! So I'm sure when we make the trip home to do the work, you will get a colorful tutorial!

We browsed the entire store.

I love this faucet!

I've decided not to post the price. Your coronary arteries will thank me.

These looked fun!

So did this.

Ahhh... therapeutic tub...

This big girl's got great feet!


When I saw this wall, if I had been wearing a skirt, it would have flew up.

How you doin'?

This one looks like it belongs at The Little House.
They had a smaller one that did end up in the buggy. It will have a new home soon.


  1. Love the light-reminds me of the old kerosene latterns.
    I know someone who put down some similiar tiles in an older home, where basically nothing was square. Couldn't tell anything after furniture was in, since they started in the middle at a center point.....or as near as possible....working toward the wall.
    It's exciting doing remodeling.
    Happy for you both, that you'll soon be home.
    Ms. Sharon

  2. Thanks Ms. Sharon! I'm not sure the rooms have a center, but I think that's how we are going to try to do it. I'm glad you said remodeling is are more than welcome to come lend a hand! Haha! We are excited we will be home soon.