Friday, October 15, 2010

Coal-y, Woal-y, Guacamole

Coal. He was the best dog in the whole world.
I know, I know. What about Beaux? I love Beaux, but Coal was a great dog.
Truly a best friend.
We got him when he was 6 weeks old and just a ball of black fur. He grew up with us.
Oh the trouble he got in. If you have ever had a labrador puppy, you know. They eat everything. They dig everywhere. They drag up anything.
But they love you.
Many people argue that dogs can't love.  I dare to say that they love better than we do.
If you have ever seen a lab with their kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
They guard them, play with them, lick them, are gentle with them.

That was Coal.

Yeah, he tore up so much stuff. He chewed on all the furniture outside. He dug up Momma's flower beds. He stole from our neighbors. And he smelled like butt. Even right after a bath...

He also never left our side when were outside. Went with us to Mawmaw's. Ran beside the fourwheeler. Guarded our house at night from 'booggers' none of us could see. Sat with us when we were sad. Listened to us when we needed to talk. Made us feel safe.

To greet him, we would say "Coal-y, Woal-y, Guacamole".  No matter what, his tail would wag to greet us back. No matter how hot he was, how tired he was, how sick he was. He was always happy to see us. 

Well, before we got Coal, Big Mawmaw decided she would not get attached to another dog. Ever. She had too much heart-ache when something happened to them and she couldn't take it anymore.
So when we got Coal, she didn't pet him and would barely look at him. I don't even think she wanted to know his name.
Well, Coal, being Coal watched out for Big Mawmaw too. Since we lived so close to her, he made her house a part of his territory and would make his rounds everyday down to her house. She continued to ignore him. He would just sit and be patient.
I think it would have been easier on her if he had been obnoxious or would jump on her or tear her stuff up. But he didn't.
He just waited.
Every day he would stop by her house and wait. Then go back home.
One day she was working in her flower beds and lost her balance. She fell right on her butt. It didn't hurt her, but she couldn't get up. Coal went over and tucked his head under her arm and helped lift her up.

That was it. She couldn't bare it any more! From then on he got a full breakfast every morning from Big Mawmaw.

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  1. Sweet Coal. I'm so glad I got to meet him.

    Beaux could learn a few lessons from him...