Sunday, October 10, 2010

Houston Greek Festival

My all-time favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I think my family was meant to be Greek.
We are big, loud, and love to eat.

Mr. Z and I went to the Houston Greek Festival yesterday.
We had to park at a 'near-by' school and catch a bus to the festival.
The parking was crazy! I guess everyone else loves Greek too.
After waiting about 20 minutes, we got on the huge piece of machinery that is our transportation to the festival.
I have to tell ya, city bus drivers are talented people.

But we arrived in one piece.

Oh my good gracious. The people. Everywhere.

We went into the gift shop which was actually more like an indoor flea-market.

Aren't these lanterns great?

I would have taken more pictures inside, but I could barely move my arms.

Then, we got to the whole reason we really wanted to go.
The food.
There were several food and drink stands all in a big open parking lot that was CRAMMED with people.
To increase efficiency, each booth is dedicated to one thing. You don't get your gyro, salad, and drink at one booth, you have to go to all three.

Once we got everything on our menu, we found a nice piece of grass in the shade and chowed down.

It was so beautiful outside and felt great!

After we got our fill, we decided to trudge our way back through the market of people and buy an olive tree.
They said they will do fine in this climate and will actually make olives in a few years.

They looked more like olive branches, but appearantly they were planted in cement.
It was insane how heavy the thing was!

So we made our treck back to where we had gotten off the bus.
To our joy, there was a bus already there waiting, so we hurriedly jumped on.

Mr. Z had to carry the tree onto the bus and we felt ... so out of place.

There had been many people at the festival carrying trees around, but none of those people were on the bus.
We both got so tickled at the whole situation we couldn't stop laughing.
We were carrying an olive tree and left over salad on a bus that we never verified was the bus we were supposed to be on.  A bus that was driven by a very sassy black lady who made an SUV back-up to get out of her way because they were over the line. And the music on the bus was black-gospel-have-church-kind-of music.

We left a little more experienced. A little more cultured. And very full.



  1. I bet there wasn't any bundt cake there. Ya'll two just crack me up.

  2. And all we needed was a live chicken on that bus! Crazy but great times! :)