Friday, October 22, 2010

Critol gel

I found out this morning that I passed all my National Board Exams for Part II, III, and Physiotherapy!
Today was my last day of X-ray rotation!
And tonight we went to see Anjelah Johnson!

The doors opened at 7:00, so we knew we would have to be rushing to get there. (Because we are on Zeagler time) So when Michael got off work, he had to run home and grab poor little Beaux and wear him out because he had been locked up all day. Then he ran through Chick-fil-A (which by the way also gives dog treats to your dog if they are in the car...another plus for them). Michael couldn't decide what he needed to get so he got 2 sandwiches, 2 orders of nuggets, one large order of fries, and a side of fruit. I got home about 6:00, changed, fixed my hair, touched up my make-up, we grabbed the food, tossed Beaux a raw-hide, and flew out the door. Once in the car, we had to program the GPS, sort through the assortment of food, balance chick-fil-A sauce on our laps, and manage to make it to down-town H-town. We got there and were parked at 6:40. We meet our friend Linda in line and found our seats.
How many times will we go to concerts or comedy shows before we learn that there is at least an hour between door opening and the start of the show?
We could have actually chewed our food.

The show was hilarious and she's pretty good at beatboxing too!
But appearantly someone seated near our section did not read my blog post about eating too much fiber...
Laughing and gas do not mix (unless you are at a dentist's office...hardy-har-har).

Other than that, we had a great time.

If you have never seen or heard of Anjelah Johnson, here's a clip.

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