Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Weekend with the Crew

Last Friday, Momma, Lucy, and Ethel came out for a visit.

 If you don't know, southern people plan their adventures around when and where they are going to eat. Our itinerary had been in the works for weeks now. We knew that they wouldn't be leaving until after noon so they would eat a late lunch. Cracker Barrel. Every proper adventure or task involves Cracker Barrel.

By the time they made it in, Mr. Z had 'the shakes' from near starvation. We met them at their hotel and played the part of their bellhops. 
Their hotel room was almost the size of our apartment... we are thinking of seeing if they offer a monthly rate.

We got them settled in, they touched up their lipstick, and we went to Panera.

I found out that they had gone to a garage sale before they departed on their adventure. A young woman that goes to our church who was getting rid of some clothes she didn't need any more because she has worked hard and lost about 70 pounds. This particular young woman is known for her love of shopping and sense of style. And guess what size she is not anymore? MINE! I tell ya, they hit the jackpot! These clothes were in as-good-as-new condition and just in time for jacket weather.
Saturday morning we scheduled IHOP for breakfast and a trip to The Guild.

In the words of Ethel, "they got all kinds of junk in that place".

Lanterns. How I love them.

If only The Little House had a solid ceiling... Maybe it's best it doesn't because otherwise each room would have a chandelier. And that wouldn't really be functional since the ceilings are about 2 feet high.

 This place has just about anything you could want.

And some things you might not...

We ended up leaving with a quilt rack.
It had to ride in Momma's armpit.

After The Guild, we dropped Mr. Z off and shopped until we dropped.
Ethel said we had to get her out of those stores before her pocket book really got into a bind. Then asked where to next?

Momma grabbed some Spanx and got in line.

Massage chairs...

While we got our shop on, Mr. Z worked on cooking us up some of his heart warming tortilla soup.

After a long day of shopping and walking we settled in with some hot tortilla soup for the soul and some homemade cheesecake. Then we curled up on the couch and watched Toy Story 3.
A wild Saturday night! I told you, with these women, you have to be careful! No wonder I had to check their blood pressure periodically.

Sunday morning we loaded up and headed to church.

We started attending Houston First Baptist Church a few months ago. Of course we attend the traditional service with the senior crowd. That's just where we feel more comfortable. The choir and full orchestra is incredible. That many voices singing in unison is so powerful.
That will definitely go on the list of things I will miss.

Five Guys was next on the itinerary.

With shopping bags and full stomachs, we had to send them on their way.
On their way back back to a world where they don't have a huge hotel suite that rivals the size our apartment. A place void of Mr. Z's soul healing tortilla soup (except the little bit we let them take home with them). Back where there aren't skyscrapers speckling the horizon. To a place where you are always guaranteed a parking spot at your home. 
To that home not too far ahead in our future.

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  1. Lucy, Ethel and I had a wonderful time. You and Z are the best host.