Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I like about Texas Part 1

I cannot express the amount of joy I have about moving back home.
If things keep going as well as they have been for me in school it may be possible for us to move back home 2 months before graduation!
So, in about 4 months God's country will be our home again.
We will be able to live at The Little House.
It will be a gift from Mawmaw and Pawpaw and we will remember them everyday.
In the mean time, we have made many memories, many friends, and realized no matter where we are, if we are together, we are home.

When we were getting ready to move here 3+ years ago it was a grand adventure for us, the newly weds.

We packed up the uhaul and made a leap of faith.

(The scary bird didn't help my nerves.)

After making 1000's of trips up our stairs to our new apartment and Mr. Z was almost murdered by our washer and dryer, we were finally moved in.
We moved in on Labor Day weekend of 2007. We found out that the Houston Zoo had free admission on holidays, so what better to do than go to the zoo, right?

That particular day, just 2 rosey cheeked kids, we attempted to make it to the Houston Zoo. By the time we made it to the interstate, it was raining so hard we couldn't even see the front of the car. So we turned around only to discover the roads were quickly filling up with water. Water started coming up over the hood of the car so we picked a parking lot that was a little higher ground and waited.

And waited..
And wished we had picked a side of the road with a taco truck or something.

And watched people try to get through the water.

And fail.

In the middle of it all, I decided to call Momma to tell her about our adventure. Well, Momma didn't think it was so funny. Her daughter and new son-in-law who had just moved 5 hours away were stranded in a parking lot in South Houston. She told me next time not to call her until it was over.

It did stop raining, but it took over an hour for the water to drain.
We had already invested so much, we decided to still try to make it to the zoo.

Once we got there, we quickly realized that not paying for admission was a steeper price than paying the 11 bucks on any other day.  There were SO many people. And you know how we are with big crowds of people. We loathe them. But that's another in-depth story for another day. For a therapist. With ink blot pictures. And a comfy couch.

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  1. Oh back in the day when we were naive.

    I believe you've forgotten about the candy bar that I bought at the store parking lot we were stuck in. Vomit. Couldn't eat chocolate for months....