Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uncle B and Aunt N Visit

So, I have a great family. If you haven't picked up on that so far, I'm telling you now.
My aunt and uncle with 2/3 of the young'uns came out for a visit. I forgot to bring the camera to document our great adventures. Aunt N remembered hers but forgot that it was raided for the batteries recently.
So, I have no photos of Panera Bread during our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd meal there during their 48 hour stay. I do not have photos of the baby smiling or crawling 109 miles an hour. I do not have a picture of us eating great Mexican food. I do not have photos of us in Galveston seeing the sights. I do not have photos of them trying Greek food for the first time. I do not have photos documenting how much fun we had or how much I love them. Good thing I don't need photos to remember that.

Mr Z did remember to bring the camera on their last stop out of town.

Poor thing. We didn't think she could run out of fuel, but she slept the entire way home.

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  1. Oh Beck, you look so slim and trim!
    Love, Momma