Thursday, August 5, 2010

The ladies

One of the many things I have missed since we moved from that precious corner of God's earth has been card night. Ever since I was little, Momma had card night. A group of rather delightful ladies would get together, laugh, bring finger foods, laugh, drink sweet tea, laugh, play cards, laugh, eat dessert, and laugh. 
(Note: party foods are a weakness of mine. At this very moment my mouth is salivating thinking about catalina salad, corn salad, those little sausages, pin wheels, cheese cake...oh my.)
I love these women. I crave their food. I enjoy their company. And the only things these women love more than each other are their families and Jesus.
 When I was in high school and not supposed to want to stay home and play cards or dominoes with my momma's friends, I would still come home a little early. Most of the time they played way past my curfew anyway. I remember one Friday or Saturday night while Michael and I were still dating, we were a few minutes late getting to Momma's house. Of course she wouldn't have been mad, but he liked to pick at me for having a curfew. Well, we pulled up to a dead house. No light. Nothing. Momma was still out partying.

These ladies cut up. They get wild. They get crazy.
Is it gonna be Phase 10 or Mexican Train Game?
5 rounds or 10?
1 cheese cake or 2?
That's right, like I said, it's wild.

I wrote this to say: Ladies, we are scheduling a card game for May 2011. Put it on your calendars

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