Thursday, August 26, 2010

The teapot with the candlestick... and a creamer

So I actually got to start my new hobby! 

I have been itching to do something like this since I saw Layla's post about what she did with her thrift store finds. Here's what she did:

Makes you wanna paint everything white, right?
Ever since I saw this post and told Michael I would like to do that, anything I find in a store that I like, he sneeringly asks if I'm going to pain it white. Doesn't matter if it's a vase, pair of shoes, a glass jar, flowers, a book, or a pillow... He's sooo funny...

So I found a couple of things at a Goodwill in Corpus Christi on our trip. I primed them with Kilz spray primer and then used Rust-Oleum Lacqure spray to make them shiny.

This creamer was only $0.65

I loved the "beading" around the rim. Didn't love the flowers so much.
Here's how it turned out.

Here is the teapot I found for $2.99. It actually looked pretty good, but we don't have anything else that's hunter green.

Sorry for the blurriness. When I used the flash, it looked like this.
I really wish it had looked like this! I wouldn't have painted it!
Maybe I shouldn't have painted it anyway... it didn't turn out how I imagined.

In the picture it doesn't look too bad, but believe me I wish it looked this good.
I think the Kilz primer was too thick and I didn't have enough patience to wait for it to COMPLETELY dry. It was dry to the touch but not enough for a second coat.  It got stuck to the trash bag I put it on--see the bad spot on the bottom?

I also thought it would look good to distress it a little...then it just looked like I took a perfectly good green teapot and painted it white and chipped the edges. The clear coat didn't go on very smooth either. It was difficult to hit the inside of the handle without spraying too much on the rest. It turned into a big mess. LAYLA?!

Here are some candle holders that Michael was sick of looking at and was going to throw them away.

I think these turned out pretty good.

So a decent creamer, cute candle holders, and a teapot that went into a plastic bad and into a box only to be seen again when I get a brilliant idea.

Some things I learned was when they say to keep the spray can moving, you need to listen. When they say for best results the humidity needs to be less than 70%, they are serious. (but if I waited for that to happen...well, nothing would get done) The instructions say to let the paint completely dry before applying a second coat for best results, and they know what they are talking about.

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  1. Hey Beck,
    Grandma DeMars would have just painted a few leaves or flowers over those chipped places. You're not living up to your heritage.
    Great job with the creamer.

    With much love and a whole bunch of old newspapers, Momma

  2. Loved the idea of going thrift store shopping! if i did it i would become a hoarder LOL!!