Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making Texas Memories: Altar'd Workshop

We participated in a workshop today with the great people from Altar'd.

Mr. Z lugged the two pieces down stairs, played tetris with them, had to back the cars out so he could open the doors without hitting another vehicle, crammed them in the cars (yes, cars as in plural), and after the third or four-hundredth time, got them fit.

These are the pieces we wanted to give a new face to.

This night-stand was his mother's when she was growing up.

This dresser was a gift from my great-grandparents to Mawmaw and Pawpaw in 1966.
How do I know this?

It also has a twin that is still in The Little House.

The dresser is very sturdy for its age, but I didn't really care for the finish.
Still, I wasn't sure if I would want to paint it or do anything with it because I was afraid of messing it up.
Then I remembered something.
Big Mawmaw (my great-grandmother) was an artist. She loved to paint and create. She painted her paint-brush handles.
And afraid of messing something up? Ha!
If she made a mistake while painting or writing, she would some how turn it into a flower or a vine or a mountain in the background or something!

So, the only thing to do was do.

We weren't sure how to get the handles off the dresser. It appeared that the handles were glued and attached with wooden pegs. So we tried to pry them off.

Once we figured out the best way to pry off the handles, we realized it was actually attached with screws and covered with wood-filler.

After that, it was smooth sailing.

Some spray primer and some Behr Pillar white.

Now it was time for the distressing.
I decided I really wanted to try something a little more... rough.

I used the hand-sander and let all restraints free.

After the distressing I put a VERY light coat of tobacco glaze.
I didn't exactly do a even coat either.

Meanwhile, Mr. Z did basically the same thing, but used a little more glaze.

The hardware we bought, didn't come with screws, so we will have to find some that will fit.

Mr. Z also won this cute little side table.

So, it's official. I will definately be doing some more of this!

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  1. I had a good time. I also learned that glaze is not just something that goes on donuts.