Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Restoration Hardware, stop taunting me...

So Restoration Hardware knows my address.

We keep getting magazines.
If we had any sense we would throw them away before looking at them and request that they do not send any more.
Some how, that never happens.
My thumbs, independent from my cognitive motor control, flip open the first page.

Then I see this.

How great is that storage unit?

Then I flip a few pages and this catches my eye.

A few more pages, and this mirror calls out to me.

It told me it reads my blog daily and wants so desperately to become apart of The Little House.

These hanging beauties announced that even though they know they are too large and heavy for The Little House, they would still look quite nice and at home in our dream house and do not mind waiting.

How considerate.

The mirror. Oh, the mirror.

How sweet would these be in a little girl's room?

Or my room? Which ever.

Then there are tons of storage boxes with chalk board labels, wire baskets, wicker baskets, tin boxes, and vintage trunks.

There is a Restoration Hardware in Houston... we may need to go there before the big move.
And leave the checkbook, debit cards, and cash at home. Locked up.

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