Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Texas Memories: Austin

In December of 2008, before we were pet owners, before we had to worry about pet-friendly hotels, before we had to plan our trips based on rest-stops with the best grass, we made a trip to Austin.

We stayed right off 6th street in a hotel that only did valet parking and they insist on carrying your luggage for you. 
This was strange and stressful for us.
You have to be completely prepared to be rushed out of your car with everything you need on you and with tip in hand. We would start organizing everything several blocks from the hotel.

I will have you know, Austin is hilly. 
There were a few times I thought I was going to have to get out and push our 4 cylinder Cavalier. 

We got so many house design ideas from the capital.

These stairs. Yes!

The intricate designs. Oh yeah.

The archways. Absolutely.

The sky-light.  Take me away...

We didn't take many pictures on our trip, because our hands needed to stay warm.

Check out the fountain... That's what our fingers felt like.

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  1. We had such a great time. I'm kind of glad we didn't have Beaux...he would have been a popsicle that trip.