Monday, May 23, 2011

50 dozen roses

I like to think that Mawmaw left gifts for us to enjoy.
One of those gifts is her rose bush.
It is growing next to the wash house.
She fretted and worried over that rose bush, and I think she almost killed it.
She would pick worms and bugs off of it, spray it with pesticides, but still it would only bloom a little.
Over the past 6 years, no one has really taken care of it.
It has been left alone to do as it pleased.
Well, it flourished. So Mr. Z and I decided to continue to leave it alone and just enjoy it.

It has broken through the lattice and heaped over from the weight of the buds.

Thank you, Mawmaw. I miss you.
The rose bush makes me think of you every day.
Some how I think I could be easily convinced that was her plan all along.


  1. Now it's taking over the wash house! :)

  2. Oh how Maw Maw loved taking care of that rose bush.