Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby birds

Not long after we moved, a red bird decided to grace us by building her nest in the gardenia bush at the corner of the screened-in porch
We watched her work and fret to build a sturdy nest. 
She gathered anything she could find and wove it together never forgetting to make sure it was the right size and shape.

You can barely see her in the picture above, but she is there.
She decided the gardenia bush at the edge of our screened-in porch was the perfect place to hatch her little ones.
I whole-heartedly agreed.

We waited anxiously for the little buggers to hatch.

They were so uglishly cute!

They grew so fast!

And got louder.

Thankfully Beaux was completely oblivious.

Then one day, Mr. Z happened to catch them right before they flew away.

It took a little while, but I'm getting past my empty nest syndrome.


  1. Hey may not remember me but we took Mandie's painting class together...when was that, February? Anyway, not sure how I exactly "found" you here but I have and I am enjoying your blog. Congrats on graduating and sorry that you left Texas....keep me posted in your little house...I so enjoyed all of the pics that you shared at the class. Blessings Abundant!