Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Mother

So, while my computer was out of commission I missed a few big days I wanted to post about.
First of which was Momma's birthday and another was Mother's Day.
In our family we have come to understand that you can celebrate any occasion any time you want.
For instance, since Daddy works offshore we have had to celebrate Christmas in November, birthdays when the person of honor is actually 1 year and 12 days older, or Easter before Good Friday.
I'm sure Momma will not be offended in the delay of the posting of the post in her honor.

Still this post is difficult to write.
I have so much to say about my Momma, but I am sometimes without words.

This is my favorite picture of Momma

I thought about writing a short biography or a ballot for her.
However, I believe a list would only be fitting for such a fantastic list maker.
Here are 50 things I love about my Momma, in no particular order, of course.

  1. Her list making abilities
  2. Her satisfaction in completing all the things on a list
  3. The motivation a list gives her to accomplish those things on that list so she can cross them off
  4. Her zebra striped rubber boots
  5. The fact that she owns zebra striped rubber boots
  6. The fact that she bought zebra striped rubber boots specifically for walking in chicken hocky
  7. Her desire for happiness in the simplicity of life
  8. Her love of God
  9. Her love for her family
  10. Her love of corny jokes
  11. Her ability to be completely honest without hurting my feelings
  12. The fact that she doesn't always offer her opinion unless asked
  13. Her immaculate housekeeping skills
  14. The touch of OCD
  15. Her ability to joke and correct some of her OCD tendencies
  16. Sensibility
  17. Her lack of desire for frivilous things
  18. For being uninterested in 'drama'
  19. Her ability to recognize and avoid 'drama'
  20. The ironic and comical situations she gets into
  21. Her ability to laugh at those ironic and comical situations
  22. Her eye color
  23. The tiny wrinkles she is developing on her hands
  24. Her appreciation for those wrinkles
  25. The comedy she finds in getting older
  26. Her appreciation for hard work
  27. Her desire to help others in need
  28. Her never failing love for her family and children
  29. That she is still in love with her high school sweet-heart
  30. The fact that her and her high school sweet-heart have been married for over 30 years
  31. The fact that we can talk and kid about burial plots and life insurance because she has taught me not to fear death because it is not final for those who love the Lord
  32. Her desire for her funeral to be a celebration because her burial plot will not be her final resting place
  33. The fact that she wants to be burried facing West because she knows that her God can raise her no matter what direction she is facing
  34. Her love of acceleration
  35. Her hope that in Heaven she will get a chance to drive something similar to a race car
  36. Her cooking
  37. The smell of her house
  38. Her notes of encouragement
  39. Her difficulty in remembering how to copy and paste
  40. How she watches The Waltons everyday
  41. The fun she has with the wii
  42. If the computer doesn't do what she wants and won't turn off, she unplugs it and gets satisfaction
  43. The enjoyment she finds in mowing the yard
  44. The satisfaction she gets from leaving straight lines when she mows the yard
  45. Her generosity to work for me for 3 weeks without pay and would bring me breakfast and insist she pay for lunch too.
  46. Her appreciation for family heritage
  47. Her desire to learn
  48. Her desire to self-educate herself about current events, such as researching the water ways and the reason for possible flooding in areas around the Mississippi River
  49. Her guidance
  50. Her wisdom

I love her more and more all the time and hope that I can be as wonderful of a mother some day as she has been to me.

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