Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Brown Lavender

For quite a while now I have wanted to grow lavender.
The greyish blue leaves.
The hint of purple.
The sweet perfume.

I researched which type of lavender I would most likely be able to grow.
I read about proper care and hydration.
I debated and dreamed about the perfect place to plant them.
Images of lavender fields danced in my head.
The wind swaying the perfect delicate blooms ever so gently.
I would build a tiny white-washed fence to put around my field of lavender.
I would be the envy of shabby-chic divas in all the land. 

Finally I found some lavender plants at Lowe's and the lady said these do well in our climate.
I bought 4 plants.
I decided to only try a few, and if that was successful, I would then start living my dream of having a lavender farm.

Look at how beautiful it is now.

The leaves are so lush and brown.

The blooms are so beautifully tan.

I know you are green with envy, aren't you?

...Unlike my lavender...

So, when you are deciding where to start your lavender field...

Don't pick the place that your dad has been Round-Up-ing for years.

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